Terrarium Workshop, Saturday 21st September 2024 3pm - 4.30pm


Join us in our Bethnal Green shop for one of our sell-out terrarium making workshop, and this time the choice of vessel is up to you!

We will start the workshop with an introduction into the history and science behind Terrariums, followed by a demo and then the rest of the session is up to you to get stuck in and make your own to take home and watch grow!

Please select your chosen vessel from the options below, and it will be ready and waiting for you when you arrive for the workshop.

If you choose BYO Vessel, the maximum vessel diameter is 25cm and height 30cm. It can be anything so feel free to get creative! Ideally the vessel is/can be sealed with a cork or similar stopper. Avoid vessels with an opening of less than 4cm in diameter. All you need to bring is the vessel- we'll provide everything else!

The workshop will last approximately 60-90 minutes, please arrive on time and get in touch if you're running late!

Accessibility: Our workshops take place downstairs accessed by a spiral staircase and you will be seated throughout. If you have any needs regarding accessibility please let us know and we can adjust to your requirements.

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to get in touch prior to the workshop.

Bags and Care guides are supplied!



Throughout the entire process, Emma provided exceptional service. Emma responded to my messages very quickly and always answered my questions. Our group thoroughly enjoyed the session, which was both informative and fun. Everything about the session had been carefully considered and the whole experience was very enjoyable.

Katrina Bruni

We attended a terrarium workshop recently and it was such a fun experience. The young lady who hosted the event was so informative, engaging and supportive as we created some beautiful terrariums. This is something i've wanted to do for a while and the experience was certainly worth it. Fingers crossed we can keep our little jungle alive and well for many years to come!