Takeaway Terrariums Tinyjohn Terrarium Kit

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Create your own Tinyjohn Terrarium at home!  Our glass terrarium kits contain everything you need to create your own Tinyjohn terrarium.

These kits make great gifts for plant-lovers, and because terrariums are self-sustaining eco-systems they are almost unkillable!

Our kits are carefully packaged and contain all the items required including: 

-Our signature Tinyjohn and cork
-1 pot of Fittonia Plants
-Carpet Moss
-Tools including Sponge Brush, Patter and Pipette
-Terrarium Compost
-Activated Charcoal
-Terrarium Gravel
-Plant-pot funnel
-Step by Step Guide

Why not add tweezers, scissors or decorative stones (or all three!) to make your terrarium kit extra special.




Planted in London

All our terrariums are planted by hand in our London Terrariums studio on Bethnal Green Road. We hand select all the plants and carefully plant and landscape to suit the glass vessel ensuring every terrarium is unique.

We will hand-select the best terrariums for you when you buy online, or pop into store to choose your own terrarium.