Sakagen Flower Scissors

by Niwaki


The only way to arrange bouquets and keep your blooms fresh is conditioning them with the Niwaki Sakagen Flower Scissors. 

Brilliant floral scissors, combining the traditional ikebana style form with ergonomic resin moulded handles and fluorine coated blades. Perfect for cut flowers in the kitchen, greenhouse, conservatory and garden, and will handle a bit of woody pruning too if you end up off-piste.

  • Made in Sanjo, Japan

Fluorine coated blades with plastic handles


180 x 106 x 12mm
55mm blades
Max cut Ø5mm


Most of Niwaki's sharp tools are made from carbon steel - this means they may, through regular use, stain (and eventually rust) and gradually lose their edge. Caring for them involves three things…

1. Correct Use:
•Japanese steel is hard and sharp, and can be more brittle than some people are used to - it will chip if abused

•Do not cut wire, metal, stone, plastic or any other hard material (even bamboo fibres and some very hard woods, especially knots and burrs, can damage steel edges)

•Do not twist or apply uneven pressure

•Cut diagonally across branches (not straight across) so you cut along the fibres

•Pay attention to our maximum cut dimensions, and don’t overdo it (shears are not loppers)

•Use the base of the blades, not the tips, for heavier cuts

2. Keeping Them Clean:
•Remove leaf resin, rust and gunk with a Crean Mate and water

•Dry, wipe over with Camellia oil and store in a dry place

Planted in London

All our terrariums are planted by hand in our London Terrariums studio on Bethnal Green Road. We hand select all the plants and carefully plant and landscape to suit the glass vessel ensuring every terrarium is unique.

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