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Brass Mist Sprayer

by Haws
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Help your plants avoid those brown and curling leaves by misting them every few days, and do it in style with this brass mister!

Many tropical plants can benefit from a regular misting as it increases the humidity around them, helping to replicate their natural habitat. Plants such as Ferns, Calathea, Fittonia, Pilea, and Monstera to name a few will be very thankful for a good misting.

This Haws Mister hold 300ml of water and uses a press plunger action for easy use, it also comes presented in a classic brown Haws box, so perfect for those gardening gifts!


Corrosion-resistant Brass


9cm x 9cm x 14cm


The brass surface will wear with age and develop a rich patina. We love this about the product but if that isn't your thing use a bit of brass polish to return it to its original condition.

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Planted in London

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