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Hello Tiny World: An Enchanting Journey into the World of Creating Terrariums


Pre-order! Out on May 2nd 2024

Like an artist, you’ll learn how to use planting and hardscaping to make stunning terrarium compositions. Plus, master the fundamentals of successful growing – soil, water, and light – so your plants thrive.

Put theory into practice with step-by-step projects of 13 terrariums:

- Repurpose a spice jar to create a stunning yet small terrarium on a budget
- Replicate natural environments in your home with planting and hardscaping choices, such as the fallen branch terrarium
- Express yourself by including playful figurines to create fun imaginary worlds
- Try a bioactive terrarium, adding custodians to thrive in these mini ecosystems

With a combination of projects and deep dives into plant groups and care advice, you’ll be well on your way to curating your own terrarium wonderland with 
Hello Tiny World.

Emma's Review

I am SO excited to be stocking Ben's new book, its going to be the go-to guide for any Terrarium enthusiast!

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