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Roman Chamomile Seed Pack

by Herboo

Roman Chamomile, known for its calming floral scent, is a timeless herb with roots tracing back to ancient Rome, where it was believed to embolden soldiers. Today, it's cherished as a soothing herbal remedy. Ideal for UK gardens, these Roman chamomile seeds flourish into charming, low-growing clumps, offering a delightful ground cover option. Whether planted in pots, as part of a diverse herb lawn, or spread as a serene chamomile lawn, it brings beauty and aroma to any space. Additionally, its blooms can be harvested for making aromatic chamomile tea, adding a touch of tranquillity to your day.

Herboo is all about making a garden, anywhere. Whatever your age, your space, whether you are growing indoors, a window box, terrace or garden beds. We select our plant varieties thinking about growing in the city and provide all the information and support you need to grow with ease.


8cm x 12cm x 1cm

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