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Antique Glass Carboy


This really is the show-stopper of the family. Meet our Antique Glass Carboy, each completely bespoke and hand made for you.

Originally used for storing wine and oil these huge Carboys are sourced from local antique markets making each one a treasure.

Perfect floor-standing or in the middle of a dining table.

Measurements - 56cm(H) x 44cm(W)

only 3 available


Each terrarium we build is completely unique and no more so than the Carboy. Once your order has been placed we will work with you to plant your perfect Terrarium. Not sure what to have? No worries, leave it with us and we will make it beautiful.

But usually we will plant a selection of Fittonia, Ferns, maranta, Ivy, Palms and a variety of mosses finally finished with a careful placing of decorative stones.

Due to the bespoke nature of the Carboys we usually have a 2-3 week lead time on these, we do occasionally have one ready to go, so it is worth getting in touch if you require immediately.


Make sure to keep your terrarium out of any direct sun or direct heat (especially heated floors for the Carboy Terrariums) and they require little to no watering.

You can read much more about caring for our Terrariums in our Terrarium care section.

Each Terrarium also comes with a physical care guide for you to take home.


Approx 56cm(H) x 44cm(W)

As each of these antique glass jars is unique and individually sourced size can slightly vary depending on what we have in stock. Please feel free to get in touch if you would like to double check when you are making your purchase.

About Terrariums

Almost un-killable, terrariums require virtually zero maintenance.

In their closed eco-system, the plants become self-sustaining as the glass stops any of the humidity created from escaping keeping the plants nourished and happy.

They are perfect for any home and are best out of direct sunlight.

Delivery Info

We are now offering a £4.99 London delivery within central London, check here to see if your postcode is within this area.

Outside of that radius but still in London?
Not to worry we can offer you delivery through another of our trusted couriers for between £20-£45, please drop us an email and we can send you a quote.

If using our £4.99 delivery you will be able select a delivery window from your order confirmation, for all other delivery options we will be in touch and help you to arrange a specific delivery time to suit.

Alternatively Terrariums can be collected from our Bethnal Green Road store.


Planted in London

All our terrariums are planted by hand in our London Terrariums studio on Bethnal Green Road. We hand select all the plants and carefully plant and landscape to suit the glass vessel ensuring every terrarium is unique.

We will hand-select the best terrariums for you when you buy online, or pop into store to choose your own terrarium.

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