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Just Houseplant Potting Soil

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This soil blend contains a mixture of Coco Coir, Perlite and Worm Castings. It is an unspecialised mix that can be used for the majority of houseplants as a good simple and foundational substrate. This blend is also a fantastic base to build off of to specialise towards your plants specific needs using different components. 

The elements in this soil cover the three core properties all soils should have - drainage, nutrients and aeration. Of course some plants need different balances of these, which is where specialising can come in.

Got some Anthurium? Add some Coarse Zeolite and Coarse Bark to create larger air chambers for those bigger roots. Are Cacti your thing? Try adding Sand and Grit to help create a faster drying mix, you get the idea.

Three reasons you should use this base houseplant soil?

  • It’s a high quality potting mix packed with beneficial microfauna suitable for the vast majority of houseplants when the grower is confident in managing the plants conditions. 

  • Specialising with components is encouraged, especially for fussier plants, the reverse label explains example recipes.

  • It's 100% peat free! 

Soil Blend and 100% recyclable Polyethylene plastic bag


5 Litre
10 Litre


Once opened store soil bag resealed closed in a cool dry place out of direct sunlight.

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