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Terrarium Tweezers


These extra long tweezers will be your best friend when it comes to planting your Terrarium. Use for placing moss, stone and plants in the perfect arrangement!


Comes in three styles:

26cm Bent - Suitable for the Minijohn, Tinyjohn, Small Boiling Flask, all Globe Family, Small Conical Flask, all Dome Family, Small Ficus Cylinder

38cm Straight - Suitable for all Globe Family, all Ficus Cylinder Family, all Conical Flask Family

38cm Bent - Suitable for Medium and Large Boiling Flask, Large Conical Flask, Small and Medium Teardrop Carboy, all Ficus Cylinders


Either 26cm or 38cm

Size and Length

Planted in London

All our terrariums are planted by hand in our London Terrariums studio on Bethnal Green Road. We hand select all the plants and carefully plant and landscape to suit the glass vessel ensuring every terrarium is unique.

We will hand-select the best terrariums for you when you buy online, or pop into store to choose your own terrarium.