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Louise Madzia Ceramics and Plant Pots

5 Minutes With Louise Madzia

5 Minutes With Louise Madzia

Louise Madzia is a celebrated ceramicist renowned for her unique and contemporary handcrafted pots. We absolutely love her playful and distinct designs that she makes by hand in her London studio. Her pots bring a fresh style to your home, we use them for everything from house plants to pen pots. 

We caught up with Louise in her studio to ask her about her collection.


Emma Sibley (London Terrariums Founder): For those who don’t know you, can you describe your work in 3 words?
Louise Madzia: Playful, simple, figurative.


ES: How did you first get into ceramics?
LM: I went to a beginners evening class many years ago when I was still a student and have worked in the medium ever since. 


ES: Where do you draw your inspiration from for your designs? 
LM: I always look at older paintings and sculptures for composition ideas. Lately I have also been really obsessed with movement and dancing as I love going to see ballet and dance performances so I get a lot of inspiration from the positions of the dancers’ bodies. 


ES: We love the humour! How important is this to you and your work?
LM: Lol thank you. That is quite important to me as I want my work to connect with people and it’s fun to draw viewers in that way.


ES: Which artists have inspired you?
LM: I love Brancusi, Hilma af Klint, Rudy Autio, Nancy Spero, Bhupen Khakhar, Peter Schlesinger, Chris Ofili, there are so many.


ES: What’s next for your collection?
LM: I’m excited to develop my hand-built vases on a larger scale and start to introduce colour into my work.


ES: And bringing it back to our houseplant obsession... what’s your favourite houseplant? 
LM: I love a classic spider plant or rubber plant.



You can shop Louise Madzia's collection online or at our Shoreditch store. The OK Mini and High Ten Mini pots and Three Planter are our bestsellers and make great gifts. 


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