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group your houseplants before you go on holiday

How to look after your house plants when you go on a summer holiday

How to look after your house plants when you go on a summer holiday

Taking a summer holiday is always a great way to relax and recharge, but how do we do that has houseplant parents while our leafy pals are left at home? 

With a little preparation, it’s absolutely possible to ensure your house plants thrive while you are on holiday. And yes, even on a 2 week holiday, without having to rely on your neighbours or friends to keep all your plants alive. 

Here’s our founder Emma’s top tips to keeping your plants alive this summer while you enjoy your break:


Water before you leave:

Give all your house plants a good watering before you leave. This will ensure all your plants have enough moisture in the soil to last while you are away.


Group Your Plants Together

Grouping your plants together can help create a more humid microclimate around them, especially when you move them out of the direct sunlight, which can reduce water loss through transpiration

Let them self water

Ensure your plants have access to water while you are on holiday by using a water globe that feeds water directly into the soil. You can also wet a moss pole for tall plants like Monstera or a Trailing Pothos to help keep the soil damp. 

Create a little pool

For smaller plants, group them together on a tray of clay pebbles with a shallow pool of water. When the water evaporates, the plants will get the humidity around their leaves. 

Cover the soil

Add a layer of mulch such a sphagnum or bun moss , coconut coir or coarse bark on top of the soil to help reduce evaporation and maintain soil moisture. 

Use the bath

If you have a lot of house plants, fill your bathtub with a couple of inches of water then lay a towel out over the water. Place your plants close together on the towel. The soil will soak up the water up to the roots, keeping your houseplants happy and hydrated. The towel helps to prevent damage to your bath.

Terrarium Care 

Close Glass Terrariums are designed for jetsetters. You don’t need to do anything at all. Just ensure it’s not in direct sunlight, leave, and enjoy your holiday!

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