the best 6 books on how to look after your indoor houseplants

6 Books for Every Plant Lover

6 Books for Every Plant Lover

Who doesn’t love indoor plants and terrariums? Chances are you have at least one friend who is obsessed with their houseplant collection. 

Here are our 8 favourite books that will feed you and your planty friend's indoor jungle love. 

What’s your next green read?



The Kinfolk Garden

Our founder Emma has always loved Kinfolk magazine, so when they published this beautiful coffee table book we knew we had to stock it. It explores lush gardens and plant-filled homes around the world and is absolutely packed with heavenly photography and inspiring conversations. 

Moss by Ulrica Nordstrom

Moss is the height of fashion and is essential in our terrariums. This illustrated guide is a beautiful celebration of this quiet and unassuming ancient plant, and is full of practical advice about growing moss in your own plot. 

Glasshouse Greenhouse by India Hobson and Magnus Edmonson

After following Haarkon’s Instagram for years, we couldn’t wait to get our hands on this book. It’s an absolute feast for your eyes, taking you on a worldwide tour of the author’s favourite botanical spaces. This is a must for any plant lover. 

Plant Society by Jason Chongue

Focusing on 25 tropical and leafy indoor plants, this stunning book is perfect for anyone who is plant and interiors-obsessed. It includes styling advice and interviews with fellow plant lovers from across the globe. 

Plant Society by Jason Chongue, Indoor Plant Book

How to Make A Plant Love You by Summer Rayne Oakes

Isn’t this the question we always ask? This is a plant memoir, a love letter to our plants, and so much more than a book on how to look after your plants. It’s one we gift to all our houseplant-loving pals. 

How to Make A Plant Love You by Summer Rayne Oakes, Indoor Plant Book


The Little Book of Houseplants by Emma Sibley

The second in ‘the little book’ series written by our very own London Terrariums founder, Emma. This is the perfect introductory book for the new houseplant parent, easy to follow and full of bright imagery and pot and plant inspiration. 

The Little Book of Houseplants by Emma Sibley, Best how to look after indoor plant books, by London Terrarium founder

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