perlite for soil aeration by Soil ninja at London Terrariums

How to use Perlite to improve soil and boost your plant growth

How to use Perlite to improve soil and boost your plant growth

If you are a plant lover and enjoy creating an indoor urban jungle, you may be looking at ways you can improve your soil and boost your plants' growth. 

If you haven’t discovered Perlite yet, this volcanic glass is a favourite addition for many houseplant owners.  You will have seen it in your potting mix, it's those small white specks, but what is perlite and why do we use it? 

What is Perlite

Perlite is a naturally occurring mineral in the form of volcanic glass. It’s superheated so it expands, creating small pockets or cavities giving it the nickname ‘volcanic popcorn’. The cavities help store nutrients and moisture that your plants need while helping to drain away excess water. 

Perlite has a totally neutral pH of 7-7.5 making it extremely inoffensive to your plants' roots. 

How to use Perlite in your soil

Perlite has so many benefits for your plants and soil. You can use it to help speed up and improve seedling growth by adding 1 part perlite to 2 parts potting compost. 

Perlite can also be used to improve aeration, drainage and insulation in potting compost. We recommend 1 part perlite to 3-4 parts potting compost. 

You can buy perlite by Soil Ninja on our website and in-store

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