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The best books & magazines for plant lovers

Emma’s Top 6 Houseplant Books and Magazines

Emma’s Top 6 Houseplant Books and Magazines

When I first opened London Terrariums it was my dream to have a botanical library for people to come and browse their favourite books and magazines as well as discover some new treasures. Here are my top 6!

The Plant Magazine

I have to start with The Plant (ne The Plant Magazine) as this was the first publication that caught my attention when it launched in the summer 2011 ‘announcing itself as ‘a curious observer of ordinary plants and other greenery.’ I had just graduated from university, spending all my money on design magazines and houseplants and became obsessed with the mixing of fashion, design and horticulture this magazine marries so well. 12 years and 19 issues later the Plant is still my favourite magazine that we stock in store.

Ultimate Wonderplants by Irene Schampaert & Judith Baener

If you are looking for the best home inspiration with a whole jungle of plants thrown in, this is your book. I kind of hate the term ‘coffee table book’ but it is really what this book is, one that I want on my coffee table to continuously look through, the photography is incredible. I also met the author Judith a few years ago when we were both teaching Terrarium workshops and she was amazing. This is the ultimate urban plant bible and a practical reference book, Ultimate Wonderplants is the perfect resource for bringing more green into your daily life.

The Garden: Elements and Styles by Toby Musgrave

An A-Z of the most beautiful 200 garden elements, styles, features, and ornaments for gardeners around the globe. Flicking through this compendium of gardens inspires, sparks interest and for me to make plans for a day trip.  I was gifted this book for my birthday a few years ago and even though I don’t have a garden of my own, it’s looking at these photos that allow a girl to dream!


The Little Book of Houseplants by Emma Sibley

I couldn’t write a list of my favourite houseplant books without putting one of my own books on the list, could I! This one is the one I am most proud of, I chose a selection of 60 houseplants that are both introductory or unusual or just hold a special place to me, you might even spot Walnut Wiggins modelling next to a few! Each plant is accompanied by luscious photography and an easy-to-follow breakdown of all the essential requirements for that variety. This includes details on size, growth and flowering, along with any extra tips on caring for that specific plant.

Moss by Ulrica Nordstrom

One of the main things that got me interested in making Terrariums was actually my love of moss, walking around and seeing this amazing plant growing on pretty much everything from brick walls, fences and the blobs that used to fall off of our roof, I was pretty fascinated with it and couldn’t believe stories I heart of a gardeners dismay when they found patches of moss in their manicured lawns. When this Moss book launched in the UK we helped to launch it with a Moss and Kokedama (Japanese Moss Display) Workshop and its been a best seller ever since. This book is full of amazing facts about moss and other moss projects and mossariums to make, it has a niche audience but those who love moss will love this book!

Root Nurture Grow by Caro Langton & Rose Ray of RoCo

I first met Caro at a Greenrooms in Margate so many years ago and we just clicked, I then asked her to come and give a talk about propagation at a Plant Swap we were running and everyone learnt so much from her about how to grow your plant family without spending a penny! Root Nurture Grow is a bible for Houseplant lovers who want to learn the art of propagation, there are step-by-step guides along with which methods work for which plants and when is the best time of year to propagate. The thing that also makes this book stand out are the incredible photos, one thing RoCo are known for is their dreamy Instagram and this is translated so well in this book.

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