Introducing The Grow Light By The Grow Gang

Introducing The Grow Light By The Grow Gang

Introducing The Grow Light By The Grow Gang

To be honest I personally am pretty excited by Autumn and these cosy evenings, unfortunately there are a lot of our green leafy pals that are less than thrilled. These shorter days mean that your houseplants are going to be lacking a few important hours of daylight, whilst it is well known that many plants will go into dormancy throughout  the winter they will still need a few hours of bright daylight. This is why I was so excited when I met the team from Grow Gang at a Greenrooms market earlier this year.


Grow Light, Help Plants Grow In Shady Dark Homes


What actually is a Grow light?

A grow light uses a spectrum of light that mimics the sun, allowing a plant to thrive in a position that does not have enough natural light. 

How long should I have my grow light on for?

You should have your grow lamp on for 8-16 hours to imitate the suns natural cycle, its  you can use a timer for this, but if your plants already receive natural light you can also use the Pianta for a few hours a day to give it a boost!

Can I use my grow light for terrariums?

We get asked so often which plants and Terrariums will work well in a room without any natural light actually the choices are few and far between, as all plants need some element of light in order to photosynthesise and live! Now we can finally recommend a plant or Terrarium plus a grow light! 

Where do I put the bulb?

The Pianta E27 bulbs fit in all E27 light fittings so you can match it to the other fittings in your home, but Grow Gang also have some super cool clip on lamps and light stands so check those out!

Will it cost me a lot to use my Grow lIght?

The Pianta grow light only uses 18w of energy and is one of the most efficient grow lights you can buy, the approximate cost to run is 7.3p a day assuming the cost of electricity is 34p kWh and running for 12 hours a day


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